Working magic as you are putting time, effort and energy into growing your business is a great idea! Made with a blend of traditional oils & herbs for abundance.

Burn it by itself, or use it with the Crown of Success and Road to Riches candles, oils, incense, baths & washes for a full ritual experience. Not sure what to get? Message me and I can recommend a course of action!

Made with a natural cotton wick, soy wax and pure essential oils, blended for maximum effect. Each element of this candle has been carefully chosen for its magical associations drawn from my years of experience. Burn time is approximately 7 days.

Candle magic is some of the oldest and simplest forms of spell craft.


burn times are approximate; it’s recommended that you burn soy candles for 4-6 hours at a time maximum and then allow to cool and reset before lighting again. This greatly extends the burn time of your candle!

Madame Phoenix Money Tree Candle