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I was fortunate to have two sessions with Christian before moving out of area. The energy I experienced during my first Reiki session led me to immediately book a second, days later, so that I could build on that experience before our move.

Christian's energy is powerful. For me, it was also clearing and intense in the kindest of ways. I was blown away with the work accomplished as Christian was divinely guided. It was like an entire circuit was moving through me; steady, purposeful and kind. I was deeply relaxed, experienced a lifting of blocks and what can only be described as a SIGNIFICANT clearing. I stayed in a deepened energetic space for hours after the sessions ended.

If you're new to Reiki, go see Christian.

If you're old-hat to Reiki, go see Christian.

Thank you, Christian. I cannot wait to return to the area and book in again.


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Had my first session with Christian and much like My friend said it was going to be it was intense and enchanting! He has such a welcoming presence around him and his store, and a great ability to read into what you need to be healed/helped! Can’t wait to go back with more sessions!! As an added bonus the drumming at the start of the session is enough reason to book an appointment! You wouldn’t be disappointed!!

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I’ve been working with Christian for a little over a year now and each and every session is more and more amazing. I can’t begin to describe it and the experience is different for everyone. If you are just at the beginning of your self discovery or advanced on your journey Christian will bring new meaning to your already enriched life.

The store is brilliant and bright and warm and welcoming, it’s like stepping into the other realm as soon as you open the door. It is another world, a safe and comfortable portal into your soul.


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A healing session with Christian is the best self-gift I have ever given myself. His casual, accepting, genuine and heart-centered approach when working with people, allowed me to release the negative beliefs I held about myself and truly feel the goodness of who I am beyond the thoughts and situations in my life. He infuses the Reiki energy with vibrant music, sound healing of bowls and drums, crystals and a pure love of helping others to experience their essence self. He continues to explore, grow and expand his own inner journey and lovingly share the knowledge with others.

GO - give yourself this gift of transformation and healing.

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I recommend booking a session with Christian! If you’re reading this, do not hesitate and just book it. His healing is so unique and is so different than anything else out there. He is very passionate about what he does and really works with you to help you with whatever it is you are seeking (even if you might not know what that is)! He makes the whole process really comfortable, and is so easy to talk to about anything you might be experiencing in your life. Sometimes he doesn’t even need to use words, his presence alone is so grounding and you can’t help but feel his contagious unconditional love for all people. Working with Christian has really has helped me gain a greater sense of clarity and ease on my journey in this life!


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If you have the opportunity to have a treatment with Christian, I would highly recommend it! I was recommended by a friend and the several experiences I’ve had are beyond any expectations, doubts or imaginings I may have had.
Christian is very open and willing to share his spirituality and his gifts of energy. I have never felt better in my physical body and if a situation arrives through injury, stress or blocks, Christian is the first person I make an appointment with.
My husband and I went for treatments with Christian for our anniversary. The experience was eye opening and very healing as well as interesting for my husband, especially since he didn’t really believe that energy work was actually real!
So run, don’t walk to have your opportunity to work with Christian at Organically Connected!

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