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Life "Unfiltered"

Living Your Truth

Do you spend a lot of time wondering why life has to be so hard and stressful? Do you struggle with a low energy, anxiety, or depression? Does it feel like you’re running on a treadmill never quite getting to where you want to be. Looking in the mirror and picking apart what you see.  Do some days have a real “why me” feel to them.  Odds are you are working against yourself on many levels without even realizing it.  The old saying “We are our own worst enemy” is much more far reaching than you can imagine.  Everyday on a subconscious level we sabotage and subdue our selves in life. Sometimes we even do this intentionally, like we somehow deserve to struggle.  Usually to please others or for fear of what others might think if they truly knew how we felt. That no one could possibly like me for me. Putting filters and shields on all parts of our life. This all takes effort and energy to maintain. I would know as I spent the first 37 years of my life living my life always thinking if the right person or situation would just happen I would be happy.  Once I learned that everything I was ever looking for or needed was inside me already, my Journey and life truly began. 


Life unfiltered is a program designed to transform you, to free you to live your life to the fullest as your true self.  First I will guide you through a self-assessment, a raw look at how you see yourself and how you "believe" the world sees you.  We will work on implementing real tools and exercises that I guarantee will not only work but will absolutely change your life. We will empower you and learn ways to express your truth in a healthy loving way.  Living your truth without limitation. We will deep dive into the struggles and roadblocks you find yourself running into.  Then we will look at these situations from new perspectives and begin to take back your life.  We will unpack the parts of your life where you are “performing” for others, wearing masks to be what others expect you to be. This is a real life transformation program, not to be taken lightly, you will shake things up, people will notice, and your life will not look or feel the same after this.  But most importantly you will start living your life fully and truly as you are meant to. Without limits. Gaining not only confidence and self esteem but energy and a joyful lust for life.  It is time to take back your life, to live without limits, to live life “unfiltered”

  • Relationship issues

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Breaking free from old habits and situations

  • Building a Meditation Practice

  • Self-Worth

  • Trauma and self limiting beliefs

  • Spiritual Mentorship

  • Physical Health and Well-Being

  • Mindfulness

  • Plus much more....

Issues that I can help with...


I believe we all have the ability and right to live a life of true expression. To be empowered and true to our beliefs and personal values.  I myself lived much of my life wearing different versions of myself for the benefit of others or just to fit in.  It was not until I began to stand in my truth and become my own highest priority did I realize how flawed my way of life used to be. How much of my energy and effort I put into trying to please others and fit a model of what was "expected" of me.  We are programmed from a very young age to sacrifice and compromise for other people.  To put many things before our own happiness, joy, and peace.  That way of living almost took my life.  Fighting depression and suicidal thoughts I found my way to a therapist who changed my life by guiding me to meditation and internal reflection.  During these last few years I have completely changed my life, I am free, I am happy, I am me.... all the time now​. Along the way I have learned many skills, tools, and methods to finding your way to this destination. I know it is my life path to help others find their way. Let me help you lift yourself up, become empowered, meet yourself in a whole new way. Let me help you help yourself in ways you didn't think possible.

As a spiritual mentor and energy practitioner I have helped many people along their journey, even if you just want to reach out and see if we are a fit, that's a start. I can meet you there and we can walk this path together.

Life "Unfiltered" Packages

Single Coaching Session - $77+Tax


  • 1 Hr of One-On-One Coaching and Channeled Guidance from Source

  • Optional 1 Hr Sound Shaman Sessions can be added on for an additional $111+Tax

4 Session Program Package - $300+Tax


  • The complete 4 Session program of One-On-One Coaching and Channeled Guidance from Source

  • Optional 1 Hr Sound Shaman Sessions can be added on for an additional $99+Tax

"Unfiltered" Package - $564+Tax ($77 Savings)


  • If you want the total experience, dive in both feet

  • 3 Sound Shaman Sessions Included

  • The 4 Session Life "Unfiltered" Program

  • A total of 7hrs of One-On-One Work

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