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Sound Shaman Sessions with Christian

Take a Journey with me, allow yourself to be immersed in transformative sound and energy. Using instruments and intentional healing music, combined with channeled energy work we will dive deep into your being. This is truly a unique and deeply nourishing experience. Each session offers something new, whether this is your first or fifth session, every time brings new discoveries and growth.

I allow people to Journey inside themselves, bringing you to the doorway of your true self, to the mystical. You will experience things beyond explanation, gaining a deeper relationship with your soul and life purpose. Let me guide you to that doorway so you can step through it and experience yourself anew.

After almost 5 years of doing this amazing work, I’ve learned to place no limits on what is possible during these sessions and neither should you. Something very real is happening when we attune to these frequencies. Something I consider a blessing, and I feel humbled to serve as an antenna for anyone reaching out for this activation/healing/guidance.

For some of you, these sessions will feel like a turbo booster to your already awakening consciousness. Some will start to heal in profound ways they never imagined possible, while others will simply experience a nice relaxing sensation, maybe feel lighter, more invigorated, and even feel more at peace within themselves.

I can’t predict what you will experience during a session, nor can I predict what type of healing, if any, will unfold in your life afterward. But over the years I have learned to accept that people receive what they need to receive during these sessions. So if you are OK with that, then I look forward to meeting you and let’s see what happens.

– Christian

Sound Shaman Sessions

60 min Healing/Activation – $111



  • Meet yourself on a new level

  • Immersive Sound Healing

  • Channeled Deep Energy Work

  • Expand your mind and soul

  • Accelerate your awakening 

30 min Oracle Card Reading – $44

  • Drawn from multiple Decks

  • Assistance with life issues or decisions

  • Intuitive Advice + Ancient Wisdom

Short Documentary about the Sessions and the store

What is a Sound Shaman Session?

Little Tour of the Room

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Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 


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