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Who am I? This is a question that has changed throughout my life.  Who I AM today is awake.  I see the world in a very different way now than I have most of my life. I stand in my truth, my authentic self.  I am a local small business owner and energy worker. I started this "business" in 2019 as a sideline and now it has become my full time life and purpose. How I got here is quite the story with many amazing moments of synchronicity and trust in the divine. I share my story freely so others may find their path and freedom. If you feel drawn we can share our paths when we get to meet someday. 

Needless to say I have always felt that I had a larger purpose in life.  As many of us do.  When I was 37 that purpose made itself known to me in a most amazing way.  The universe saw fit to give me the gift of meeting the real me.  The "higher" me.  My life has not been the same since.  I live a very free life now, by free I mean the things that used to control my life no longer do.  I have a sense of peace and happiness that I never thought possible.  But it is possible, for anyone.  Especially you that is reading this.  Discovering yourself and standing in that truth will transform your entire life, trust me I know...




My gift came during a time of inner reflection.  During meditation to be precise.  This was also one of the hardest times of my life, struggling with depression. My eyes, mind and senses were awakened to the energy and light that surrounds and flows though everyone and everything.  Since that time I have been following many exciting synchronicities.  I have met so many amazing people and learned many amazing things.


Along the way my path and purpose has become incredibly clear.  I AM to help and support those beginning and struggling in their own internal journey.  


During this time I have also been gifted with awareness of our healing ability as human beings.  I have learned and honed my ability to not only sense the life energy that flows though all of us but to help those in need heal and open their own pathway to their higher self.


It is difficult to explain in words but if any of this resonates with you please feel free to get in touch and set up a time for us to meet. 






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Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 


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